Total Control Level 1 June 20 2020


Course is absolutely worth every penny.
We had 10 people with different levels of experience - from 30+ years to guy in his first season.
For me personally the whole day went really fast and only on the way home it all started to sink in and come together. Almost all aspects of riding a bike were addressed - from vision, head position to suspension how to and set up and body positioning. David and Nancy (instructors) were awesome. I liked that each student got lots of attention and plenty of practice runs. I was not able to put my knee down (despite buying brand new pucks just for the course ) but I think I was the only one who scraped pegs times (and it was not a good thing).
I now have totally different way of thinking about my bike and my riding. Now just need to practice, practice and practice.
Almost all excercises were done in 2nd and below 40 km/h. So any slip in how you doing stuff was immediately evident. I found that practice in such conditions was actually much harder then on open roads. But now after practiing it on closed course - it is way more easy to do it in real world at much higher speeds.
Overall - big thumps up, can't wait for Level 2 on 29.
And big thank you again to Dave, Nancy, Paul, Donna and Jenerator.
Now back to to keep refreshing the page to see the pics

On a side note - I wish this course was available when I had my GS500. Guy who attended on his Ninja 250 (and it is his first season) looked like he had a blast. I do have whole new level of respect for my FZ6 but I think it would have been even more fun on a lighter bike.
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